Know the Latest Features of Viber Version 5.0

Viber recently announced the release of its latest viber 5.0 version for Android devices and for iOS too. It has also released new versions of its desktop apps for Windows 8, Windows, and also OSX. The company believes that the latest 5.0 version is quite powerful with all its new enhancements and features.

The most prominent feature among all the latest ones is the option for video calls, a feature that most viber users have been waiting for.

The video call feature makes the whole app a lot more interesting as it allows the user to make call for free nationally and even internationally. You can also make calls from your Mac and PC other than mobile phones. The video quality is good and clear.

Viber, the messaging application updated its Android and iOS app with various features but the video-calling feature did wonders. This latest move by the cross platform application made it stronger and better equipped to challenge even Microsoft’s Skype messenger. When compared to Skype, Viber is easy, quick, and convenient.

This new feature of video calling in Viber mobile apps lets users to transfer calls between cell phones and desktops. The updated log of the app on iTunes and Play Store now reads, “Now the service offers free communications via voice, text and video, no matter which platform.”

The cross platform functionality of the application also allows exchanging video calls between iOS and Android and PC users too.

Viber also came up with a few individual improvements to the iOS and Android apps. The latest 5.0 version comes with an all-new design and also supports various new languages including Persian, Bulgarian, and also Serbian. The new version for iOS devices extends improvements to forward video messages and pictures with easy managing of the sticker packs.

Both the mobile apps now provide an option of QR scanning for quick contacts addition. Viber is now available for all platforms, including BlackBerry and Windows Phone and it is not clear yet when these new features are going to make their way to the other platforms.

The updates also extend various OS centric enhancements like:

iOS: Users can now manage the sticker packs with extra ease, can turn the sticker packs off or on, and can also reorder packs along with a simple way to forward pictures.

Android: Users can now enjoy a better and fresh design, which make the app experience more fun and easier.

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